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Szukam i szukam dobrych pffff 7 lat??? Strasznie ciężko mi znaleźć herbatę gruszkową a przynajmniej taką gdzie jest jednym z głównych składników a nie jednym z piętnastu. Kiedyś piłam genialną Kaktusowo-gruszkową w Słupskiej herbaciarni ale nie mogę jej nigdzie znaleźć. Znalazłam substytut w postaci proszkowanej Gruszkowo-melonowej i była boska ale firma ją produkująca już jej nie produkuje... ja i moje szczęście (: Przeszukałam wszystkie Five'o'Clock'i i CzasHerbaty i co zaglądam tam to nie mają nic sensownego ;<

Dlatego wychodzę z prośbą. Jakby ktoś natknął się na taką herbatę (chodzi mi o takie na wagę bardziej a nie te 'sklepowe' ;3 ) to mogę wysłać pieniążki za herbatkę i wysyłkę ewentualnie odwdzięczyć się rysunkami :3
Comment and I'll pick a few peeps vwv

I'll be doing simple colored sketches and I expect the same in return :3

Pomoc z wyborem drukarki :o

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2014, 6:21 AM
a little gay cat

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Moje serce pragnie dobrej drukarki do wysokiej jakości wydruków ale mój portfel nie jest gotowy na wydatek ponad tysiąca złotych na model który bym chciała >.>
Także mam pytanie, czy ktoś zna jakiś sprawdzony model drukarki? Nie interesują mnie urządzenia wielofunkcyjne typu drukarka+skaner. Sama czysta drukareczka :> Cenowo miło byłoby się zamknąć w 600zł aczkolwiek jestem w stanie dać 800zł jeżeli na prawdę byłoby warto.
Mile widziana opcja druku dwustronnego : o

Za wszelkie odpowiedzi z góry dziękuję vwv


Festiwal Komiksu w Lodzi! [PL]

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 12:52 AM
a little gay cat

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Wiem, że tak na ostatnią chwilę ale wybiera się ktoś? Miałam ochotę wpaść na sobotę bo najwięcej atrakcji ale przy średnio ciekawej cenie biletów zastanawiam się czy w ogóle warto :< Nikt z moich znajomych nie może się wyrobić albo ma coś do załatwienia więc smutno by mi było tak samej vnv
Chyba, że ktoś chętny na spotkanko w Warszawie na weekendzie? :> Albo może nawet Kraków??? Bo jak coś to ja w Krakowie siedzę cały czas więc jestem chętna na jakieś meety :>


Traditional Art Trades

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 12:06 PM
a little gay cat

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I'm not doing enough traditional art so I decided to open a few slots for traditional art trades! If anyone's interested leave a comment or send me a Note. I can't guarantee I'll pick everyone but you can give it a shot! The sizes and medium will be discussed individually, I'll try to give people what they'd want to see from me but I also expect the same in return :3 It can be anything from a sketch page, watercolor or marker piece etc. and the sizes will start from A4 to ACEO sized cards. I'll be happy to send the originals as well if the other person will do the same!
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Art trades:


Fashionably late to the party: 3DS FRIEND CODE!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 3:38 AM
a little gay cat

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Gotta catch up on pokemon ahh!

Here's my friend code if you want to add me: 5301-0647-0610!



Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 10:28 AM
a little gay cat

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Tagged by :iconfyuvix:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7. No tag-backs.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry!

Ten Facts about me
1. I wanted to be a vet as a kid.
2. I don't know if it's weak nerves or just my higher pain resistance levels but I don't really feel the pain when someone pulls my hair XD I mean I do but people tell me it's painful to watch me brush my hair cause apparently I do it too violently XD
3. I want a Turkish Van so I can bathe with my kitty ;u;
4. I always wear socks when I go to bed. ALWAYS XD
5. I want to learn to ride a motorcycle
6. When I was a kid I had a collection of poisonous herbs in the basement >.>
7. I like to be mean to my friends, but I love them vuv
8. I die inside every time someone can't tell the difference between a bee and a wasp! xD
9. One time I tried to kiss an ant and it bit me on the lip ._.
10. I can never leave an art shop with empty hands >.>

Fyuxix's questions:
1. What inspires you the most? (Not a particular book, movie, comic etc; more like an activity or thing)
I really like walking and nature and being able to recharge my mental batteries by contemplating nature, going for a walk near the creak or a forest gives me a boost of creative energy vuv And not only in the calm and quiet way. I also like various activities outdoors like bike riding (tho currently I'm unable cause I have no room to store a bike :<), camping, forest games, tracking, a tiny bit of hiking if the mountains aren't really high >.> Also observing wild animals is really entertaining and inspirational! The wonders of the cycle of life and death vuv

What's your favorite era of art history?
Tough one! I enjoy art from a variety of eras. I guess I always enjoyed Romanticism, some XX century movements, XIX-XX century Polish art, XX century Russian book illustrations, late roman/early Gothic art.

What's your favorite culture apart from your own?
Hmm I'm not good at picking favorites XD I always was interested in other cultures especially in middle school. I would go to the library and borrow tons of books about different religions, cultures, mythologies etc.

Have you been outside of your own country, and if so, where?
Several times actually! I've been to England (not very fond of it tho...), France, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia.

Describe your favorite toy growing up and how long you held onto it.
I can't remember the favorite "all time" toy but I do recall one time I had a plush husky I would walk on a leash like a real dog XD

What historical figure do you find attractive and why?
I don't? XD I mean I find a lot of historical figures interesting and I like learning about them and history in general but that's all XD

What do you look for most in art? (Story, style, quality, characters etc)
I guess it's a combination of a bit of everything. I like simple, naturalistic designs. Characters that are relatable, well developed. I like not overworked art styles that are expressive and dynamic rather than polished and shiny. 

Tell me about the first time we met and what your first thoughts were (online or in person). And if we haven't officially met, tell me about the first time you stumbled upon my gallery and what your first thoughts were. BE HONEST, that's what makes it fun. XD
I remember I actually first stumbled upon your gallery somewhere in 2012 (tho I actually was familiar with your Character Balance Meme in 2010 but I didn't pay attention to who the creator was xD)? And these were your first pieces I saw(or at least the earliest I can think of xD):
Meet Rachel by FyuvixMrs Ganderberg by Fyuvix
I think I actually started watching you a bit later... or maybe even earlier??? I honestly can't remember! XD But I was just a silent watcher as usual XD

Well actually I remember seeing and faving this as well: Meet- Kaj by Fyuvix but I can't remember if I only faved it cause I saw this in someone else's favs it or did I already watch you back then as well????
I guess the first piece I actually commented on was this:

cause yeah POOLAND 8D

I can't really remember the first impression I had when we first started talking, it's kinda hazy now XD but it wasn't a bad one haha! XD usually when I talk to people that aren't of the same nationality as me I just worry I might sound retarded with my lack of English skills xD

What's more important: Sharing your art (community) or perfecting your craft (self)?
Back in the day I would always upload anything and everything I did and I guess it was mostly cause of the thriving dA community a few years ago. It didn't matter how good or bad something was but it was nice to interact with all my friends here. Now that things are taking a different turn and people aren't so active if at all I lost interest in uploading but that's not the only reason. I guess I mellowed down and I don't have the need anymore to share my things. I mean I do but only with people who actually care about it XD

What turns you off to an artist, comic, movie?
The fans XD It's less true for game series but for most movie, comic etc. related things the bigger the fanbase the less I like it. I don't know how this works but yeah XD

Ten questions for you to answer
1. Are you a dog or a cat person?
2. What was your dream job as a kid and what's your dream job now?
3. Ideal date scenario?
4. Are you a morning person?
5. Who's your role model?
6. What was your first pet?
7. Best place to relax?
8. What is your favorite season of the year?
9. Tea or coffee? Or maybe something else?
10. Favorite book?

I tag:


One of those 'I'm leaving' journals

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 4, 2014, 6:41 AM
a little gay cat

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Hi guys!

Haven't written a proper journal in months I guess, haha!
Just letting you know that I'm going to be even less active for some time. How long? No idea. Am I leaving? Not quite. I'll be lurking around, commenting and faving but don't expect much art from me neither here or anywhere else. That doesn't mean I'll stop producing art and that I've given up on uploading it completely. I'll be uploading commissions, art trades and gifts but all personal artwork will remain... well personal, shared only with a handful of friends. For how long? No idea, we'll see. With that said nearly all of my personal art is now in storage (don't worry it's not deleted) with a few exceptions that even I consider too nice to hide and some reference sheets. The only art I left out was fanart and art made for others (tho I may have hidden a few pieces and if something I made for someone was in a sketch dump it's hidden as well, sorry!). This hiatus is is mainly caused by approaching finals next week, then Fyuvix will be visiting for a month and after that I'll be leaving to the UK to work till the end of September and I might be EVEN LESS active since the job will be 12h a day.

To be honest I haven't been feeling quite well in the past few months both physically and mentally. It's nothing serious, don't worry, but it's enough to keep me out of focus. I've been experiencing anxiety, uneasiness and I feel nervous and "heavy" in general. There are better and worse days and I don't know if I should blame the weather/season, hormones or my tendency to over think stuff and worrying too much about myself and others or ALL OF THE ABOVE. I hope that after my finals at least some of the stress will go away.

If someone feels disappointed, I apologize. In order to take care of others I need pick up the pieces of my broken life first. This shouldn't sound so depressing cause it's not. Things will get better sooner or later.


Selling japan artbooks/Sprzedam japonskie artbooki

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 5:54 AM
a little gay cat

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I'm selling my "Slayers" artbooks if anyones interested. As much as I love the series the books are just collecting dust so I want to sell them to someone who will give them more love ;)

Price: 37$ one or 70$ both + shipping (9$ standard international[at your own risk, the post won't give a refund if the package were to get lost] or 14$ recorded express)

More photos:


Mam do sprzedania dwa japońskie artbooki z serii anime "Slayers". Mimo, że jest jedną z moich ukochańszych serii to jednak nie wracam do niej tak często i ksiązki po prostu się kurzą u mnie ;)

Cena: 120zł jeden lub 220zł za komplet + przesyłka (10zł za wysłanie w bąbelkowej kopercie priorytetem poleconym)

Więcej zdjęć z środków:


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Mayo's Book Review I: BIRD by Lois, Louis Darling

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 12, 2013, 1:19 PM
a little gay cat

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I love books. I love visiting book shops. I love book shop with old books! I thought I'd make a little book corner in my journal and review some books when I'm not feeling well and need to get my thoughts of off things that bother me at the moment. Those won't be pro reviews (more like amateur blogger style crap) but I'll try to do my best, keep it short and specific. Expect all kinds of books. Old, new, popular, books you haven't even heard of, picture books, walls of text. Everything.

I guess I'll start with the last book I've read. "BIRD" by Lois and Louis Darling. As a amateur bird lover I tend to look for books about birds when browsing in book shops. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this one and I loved the illustrations so I bought it. It wasn't very pricey but I admit I had to spend some money on it. I thought the illustrations were worth it. I instantly fell in love with the cover.

I'm happy to say that this book is so much more than just pretty pictures! Once I started reading I couldn't stop! I will even dare to compare this to books written by Konrad Lorenz, an Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist, my favorite animal writer. The writing is really enchanting and captivating. As Albert Einstein said once: "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." and Mrs. and Mr. Darling have full understanding of the topic and know where to draw a line between facts and opinions. They explain very complicated themes such as genetics, heredity, the origins of life in a easy way so that basically no one should have problems with understanding. They also bust common myths revolving around instincts, species extinction and genetic inheritance. They also encourage the reader to think about the origins of life, Mens place on Earth and how limited our knowledge really is in the field of biology and genetics.

The books is divided into parts. The first chapters focus on the general history of Earth, explaining to the reader about Eras and Epochs. Then we learn about the first ancestors of birds and how a feathered reptile became an evolutionary cradle for every bird we know today. In the later chapters we explore the mind and the body of the bird. Slowly 'digging' up the layers of a bird. From feathers, flesh, muscles to the bones and their biological processes. All accompanied by wonderful and detailed illustrations drawn by one of the authors! Another thing that makes this book similar to some of Lorenz's books, he also illustrated his own books.

Overall this is a really really great book! I wouldn't recommend it to everyone since it has a rather specialized topic but this is a MUST for bird lovers (amateurs and pros), biologists (both students and professors) and people who are fascinated with life's wonders. You won't get bored and you'll definitely expand your knowledge and maybe it'll give you a whole new point of view on Nature.

10/10, A+


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